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Flower Lagerstroemia
Date: 14/01/2015

"Once the Jade Emperor twelve princesses. Each one looks, no one loses one. Heaven loves twelve princesses her. One day I will tell the Jade Emperor for the lord of flowers in the human. princess demanded the lord of flowers Red flowers she plans lord form, and orchid, lily ... princess Arabia alone did not know what to do anymore flower princess. she quietly stood silently until Ngoc Hoang said.
- O my Arabia princess, princess flower I want to do what? I will give you satisfaction.
Princess Arabia has yet always thought she looked out the purple dress I slid her. Since childhood she likes purple. So she apply to the Jade Emperor.

- Yes Emperor Wudi side, I liked the purple naive. Huang Xin Accessories for the lord brought purple flowers.

Always thinking of new Jade Emperor decided to make princess princess flower Ut By Tim Lang.

Meanwhile in positive time with his poor scholar, see purple flowers in the Mausoleum has pretty sweet. He was immediately taken to the plant every day and watch the flowers are purple guy. Each year flowering season he was born dead letter enthralled with purple hue and gradually he fell in love flowers By Tim Lang. Also simultaneously Arabia princess and bring our passion for his writing talent scholar. Princess Jade Emperor was pleased to positive long as his wife scholar. Heaven determined not to. Ut princess from that thought, do not know how many dudes heaven to suitors, but she rejected it. And from that flower Bang Lang increasingly purple fade away. He was a scholar lovesick heart Bang Lang Purple flowers. "So from that human Purple flowers Bang Lang is faithful flowers, purple innocence has symbolized the beginning of the childhood game.
Lagerstroemia purple flowers usually bloom in the summer, but during the school year look very bare tree, the tree began to spring stab green leaf buds.

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