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Meaning of hydrangeas
Date: 13/01/2015

Some people see Violet flower is a symbol of "modesty", with many others it meant "the faithful".

Flowers small, timid than this to keep a very high position in the art show with flowers. The Greeks choose flowers lightly scented to make this classic flower of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Of course, Violet is associated with "humility" as a beautiful young girl, but modesty is often called "Shrinking Violet" (The timid, shy).

Violet has shown to be a shy, timid, shy little more of the girl as delicate violet petals.

Napoleon Bonaparte liked Violet. When exiled to Elba, he chose this little flower as a cue to get in touch with their subordinates. If a French house hangs a small bouquet Violet, or a Frenchman has worn Violet, then that means they prove to others that I was in favor of Napoleon.

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