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The legend of the black rose and its meaning
Date: 13/01/2015

Black Roses has 2 meanings: that love is dead and eternal love

Have you ever heard of black roses yet? You know nothing about black roses and the meaning of it. They say there are 2 black roses meaning: that love is dead and eternal love. Please read the following story to commission more about how meaningful such denlai offline.

Once upon a time in the distant holy land, inhabited by elves existed a love story full of tears. The story goes that in remote places the ends of the earth have Ellacos- deity goddess of darkness. She was living alone, alone in the black of the night One day while traveling Apolo- god god of light, has stumbled into Ellaxos. He immediately fell in love with the quiet solitude of her. He was determined to change the heart of darkness of spirit Ellacos.Than Apolo often visited her in the capacity of a fairy. Then passing day, the light of God Apolo was passed to her, touched her, but was light and darkness are two things in opposition to both the irreconcilable. She was very distressed because she loves god of light and love lost and this is the first love of the goddess Ellacos.Va to follow the call of love god Apolo must overcome the evil forest, streams from hatred to love the mountains to take any commission Tan- last a red flower.

Before you go, god Apolo gave her a white rose and said: _ This time we did not know never go back, keep her flowers and wait for our return. White flowers would be in the absence of light for her next one. She carefully hold flowers and red flowers waiting for me offline. Goddess Ellacos tear up the god Apolo mourners leave. One day, two days, one month and one year time goes on forever. Spirit Ellacos still sit and watch the white flowers just remember sang.Roi god light on a sunny morning while sitting watching white flowers, the wind god visit.

Knowing the wind god who traveled in many places so she asked the god Apolo news. Wind Spirit told her about having fun god of light is the goddess of beauty.

Spirit Ellacos not believe my ears, between her tears. The next day, she set out to find God Apolo. She went around and search. And finally she stopped at a red rose garden, the land of the goddess of beauty. Spirit Ellacos not believe my eyes again, the god of light is the god of frolic beauty Apahrodite.Tung tears rolling down her cheeks, she turned to leave. Spirit Apolo saw and chased. She Please forgive us, while we were gone deeply miss her and goddesses Apahrodite we shared together and overcome. I sincerely apologize to her.

Goddess Ellacos not seem to hear anything. White roses she suddenly holding a bloody red dye, a dark area around her black fins and then spread to cover the god of light, bright spirit fade into the shadow dem.Sau that, as black smoke melting, god Apolo vanish and flowers in hand god Ellacos also switch to a mysterious black.
Spirit Ellacos of their lands, lives on in the dark, in the black of death and never love anyone again.

Black Rose - a flower colors bring a mysterious and mythical. It's not as brilliant and striking black and pink flowers Many other noisy appearance, this flower also symbolizes the lonely and cold.

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